Since the foundation of the precursor of Kyoritsu Corporation more than 35 years ago, we have been pursuing our goal of providing a wide range of musical instruments and related products to all the customers in our market. We ensure a stable supply of musical instruments and accessories to nationwide sales outlets. We are trying to achieve this goal by providing a total service package to our customers. Starting with the large-scale warehouses as our logistic center which offers same day shipment for six days a week. To meet the demand of our customers and have them fully stocked, our 35 sales representatives at five offices are on the road six days a week as well. Experienced marketing, administration and logistic teams complete the package, making Kyoritsu Corporation a trusted partner for over 1,500 retailers in Japan and our suppliers worldwide.


  • Company Name: Kyoritsu Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Company President: Shinichi Suzuki
  • Established: January 1979
  • Services: Wholesale Distribution of Musical Instruments and Accessories
  • Base Capital: 10 million yen
  • Annual Sales: US$ 60 million (year 2016)
  • Employees: 150
  • Fiscal Term: February
  • Offices: Nagoya Head Office, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Fukuoka Office, Sapporo Office
  • Logistic Centers: Nagoya (2 locations)
  • Overseas Offices: Guangzhou (China), Tianjin (China)
  • Website :


Kyoritsu Corporation believes constant product availability is the key to represent the brands properly, and maximize the sales and customer satisfaction that is often overlooked by other distributors. We have built two large warehouses for this purpose . The total storage space is over 7,000 sq.meters. All the products are received at our logistic centers upon arrival in Japan, sorted and stored by size and category. Then these products are organized and prepared for shipment based on the shipping timing and delivery destination. All the products are visually inspected for defects, tested and adjusted for playability before being shipped to our dealers and end-users. Kyoritsu Corporation believes ensuring high quality even for inexpensive products is critical to meet the demand of highest standard expected in Japanese market. Delivery is made in timely manner by our trusted transport partners.



Our marketing team works closely together with the sales team and the brands we represent to implement effective promotion strategies for Japanese market. Marketing team prepares magazine advertisements, product brochures, display signs and Japanese manuals and special promotions to maximize the brand recognition in the market. All the information provided by the brands are properly localized for the use in Japan. Kyoritsu Corporation main website and also the websites for each brand, as well as catalogue and various SNS postings lead to the increased exposure of the brands in our market.


Kyoritsu Corporation has seven offices where the total of 35 sales representatives are based to make regular visits to our customers nationwide, six days a week.




  • SHIMAMURA (170 stores)
  • ISHIBASHI (11 stores)
  • IKEBE (27 stores)
  • YAMANO (33 stores)
  • KUROSAWA (13 stores)
  • MUSIC LAND KEY (2 stores)
  • ESP (12 stores)

Other retail shops, studios, specialty stores, Total of approx. 1,500 stores in Japan.


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